My Sexy Vegan Journey

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a vegan, read about becoming a vegan, watched a documentary on veganism, or even tried to make (or eat) a vegan dish, you might have decided, becoming a VEGAN is just too hard.

Living a plant-based lifestyle, when you’ve been taught your entire life that meat and milk are essential to your existence, is very difficult to overcome. Trust me, I completely understand. Growing up in a family that is rooted in the South, I ate foods that were both unhealthy and ill-prepared (can anybody say smothered and fried gizzards?). Don’t get me wrong, my parents raised their five children the best way they knew how, and to them, I am forever grateful. But, after watching family members and friends fall victim to diseases that could have been prevented (type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc.), I decided to take a stance against a food system that was not designed to keep us healthy the way God intended. Have you ever asked why does the church teach prosperity in wealth but they don’t teach prosperity in health? Which of the two (wealth or health) keeps you happier and has the most benefits for a long, and enjoyable life?

As I traveled the world, and this wonderful country of ours, I have experienced the many challenges and joys of being a Vegan for 20 years and an Ovo-vegetarian for another 4 years. The 24-years wasn’t easy, but the results have been amazing. It was a gradual transition. I gave up beef in 1989. Then, on my way to my first year in college, I asked my parents to stop and buy me a bucket of chicken. That would be my last time eating chicken. The following year I gave up turkey and the next year fish. In 1993, I pulled up to a McDonald’s drive-thru and ordered a Big-Mac without the meat. From that point on, I committed to never eat meat again. Over the years I have added eggs to my diet on occasion, but I eventually gave those up too. And I’ve seen the benefits. I’ve had doctors say based on excellent exam results, that they can tell I’m a vegan. I’ve put family members on a vegan/ vegetarian diet and seen them drop weight and medication, and live happier, healthier lives… and I want that for you too. I am totally committed to the vegan-movement and I hope that you will join me.

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